City Short Break Lecce

City Short Break Lecce - Lecce

Discover 2015 awarded Italian Cultural Capital  - 3 days/2nights Euro 110!

2 Overnight stays in a ****Hotel close to the old fascinating centre of Lecce.
1 Cooking class in the Hotel and final lunch.
You will learn how to prepare local hand-made pasta and the typical dishes of Salento cuisine.
At the end of the cooking class you will taste what you prepared during the lesson.
The city of Lecce has earned itself various epithets thanks to its beauty and its historical and architectural treasures: in fact, it is usually referred to as “the Florence of South Italy” or “open-air museum” for the abundance of churches and noble palaces, made more elegant and refined by the unique and sumptuous decorations realised with the “leccese stone”, a particular stone whose colour gets the same nuance of honey under the rays of the sun. 
Set in the very heart of the Salento region, called “the Heel of Italy’s boot”, Lecce dates back to Roman times: in fact, we can still admire in Piazza St. Oronzo the Roman Amphitheatre which dates back to the 2nd century A.D. and could hold up to 20.000 spectators. In it gladiators used to face and fight against wild animals. 
Walk the centre of town with your guide to discover a remarkable architectural style known as the “Barocco Leccese” which has earned the city the nickname of  “Florence of South Italy”.
From the 16th to the 18th century, Lecce knew a period of great splendour during which it was embellished with Rococo’ and Baroque Monuments.
The local finely grained limestone was particularly easy to work, making easy the creation of a very decorative style, with delicate details, which you will recognize immediately.
During the tour,  visit Santa Croce Basilica, which is sumptuously decorated, without being overbearing: close to it you can admire the impressive façade of the Governor’s Palace (the former monastery of the Celestine monks).
Our tour can not end without a visit of what is considered one of the finest squares in Southern Italy: Piazza Duomo.

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