Museum Faggiano of Lecce

Museum Faggiano of Lecce - Lecce
The museum ``Faggiano“ is a historical-archaeological building located in the historic centre of Lecce. Everything started almost by chance, approximately eight years ago, when the owner of the property, Luciano Faggiano, was forced to break the floors in order to change the sewer pipes which, being old, caused continually humidity on the walls.
And it was precisely during such work that began to re-emerge historical and archaeological sites of considerable interest, which testify the presence of ancient people in successive time.
It then continued with a restoration work (completed in December 2007) made entirely by Faggiano`s family under the supervision of the Superintendence of archaeology of Taranto and under the guidance of architects Franco and Maria Antonietta De Paolis. These excavation works rendered the house a real archaeological site, where you can admire more than 2000 years of history. It was found out that the house, once was an old nunnery then closed around the sixteenth-seventeenth century.
At the end a tasting of local typical products will take place.
Useful information
Language: it – eng
Total duration 1h and a half
The tour includes: visit of the museum and tasting
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